Holiday vacation

28 12 2009

Yesterday Ali and I circled the universe to accomplish a very important mission: shopping on post-Boxing Day! We first  hit the Adidas Originals store, a staple destination for Ali. Place was mobbed by Italian tourists, many of them buying $40 classic-style sneakers for toddlers. Ali found her dream shoes, and bought them online later.

Broadway was appropriately mobbed, and like good New Yorkers we wove our way in and out of the crowds, barely distracted by the double-decker tour buses riding by. This time last year I was way overwhelmed by crowds, holding my breath as I played frogger with cars, bikes, and mid-west tourists. But this year I’ve noticed I’ve got the hang of it.

When we first moved here, I took stock of couples and pairs of friends carrying on smart conversations or laughing, even, as they wove through crowds. Back then, I wondered if that would ever be me. Yesterday, it was. Easy city navigating paired with deep and meaningful conversation and laughter at funny New Yorkers or overheard conversations. Brilliant.

Seems strange that it has taken almost fifteen months of living here to feel this way. Ali and I both thought our transition into New Yorkerhood would be much swifter. Being here is lesson in patience in more ways than one.

We walked up to Union Square past the holiday market and took the L to Williamsburg. I’ve been dying for some hometown espresso, and remarked to Ali as we stepped off the train that I wondered where they brewed Stumptown. We decided it was in Greenpoint, not Wmsbrg.

I can count on one hand the times I’ve been to hipster mecca (avoidance due to inconvenience and lack of interest), but it was cool to go there again with a clear mission. We hit the overstuffed Buffalo Exchange and came out with some socks. Then we headed to the South side, with a quick stop into the Rabbithole to get a surprise Stumptown latte! It wasn’t quite right – but it was a taste of home.

We ended our shopping at the Brooklyn Industries outlet (our second BI of the day) where we both got schweet new discount duds: Ali a hot blue polo, and me a coveted stripey sweater and sleek black pants. Our recession-style sale shopping was a mighty fine way to celebrate our holiday vacation together. We walked back to the G and topped off our day with a couple of rounds at Barcade. My favorite game is Moon Patrol.