Fun break!

30 09 2008

Jodi visited us this weekend, bringing us love and news from Portland.  We had a lot of fun, going to see Neal Medlyn’s ode to Kanye West on Thursday, a hodge podge of gay bar hopping on Friday (my favorite was Nowhere Bar), and Improv Everywhere on Saturday.

Improv Everywhere's jabillion participants

Improv Everywhere's jabillion participants

The mission involved us downloading an mp3, wearing a primary colored shirt, and bringing an umbrella and a balloon. We synchronized our watches, met Bill and Lauren, and headed out to Governor’s Island, a park-like old military training island right off the tip of Manhattan. From the island, you can see the city looming behind the hills and it was eerily misty, caused by rain from Hurricane Kyle. In a few weeks, they’ll post a video to the IE site, and you, too, can experience the fun for fun’s sake. It was a fun break from looking for work. If you need a fun break, go to their site and click on videos of their other missions. My favorites are Human Mirror and Frozen Grand Central.


I saw Maggie Gyllenhaal

26 09 2008

This morning I put on my new galoshes and went out to get coffee down the street at Gorilla Coffee. Maggie Gyllenhaal was sitting on the bench outside drinking her coffee and talking about wanting to get into producing. I went inside and got “on line” (more on that below). Instead of staring star-struckedly at her, I watched everyone else watching Maggie G. There weren’t any paparrazzi, there weren’t any autograph-seekers, but people in the coffee shop were definitely aware of her celebrity presence.

That’s my first celebrity sighting in New York. Jodi, who is visiting this weekend, wishes I had seen Jake Gyllenhaal. Ali is jealous of the Maggie sighting, but is holding out to see Steve Buscemi, who apparently also lives in our ‘hood.

Something I’ve noticed is that New Yorkers refer to queuing up while you’re waiting for, say, a cup of coffee, as “on line” instead of “in line.” Being from New Jersey, Jodi and Ali are used to it. It throws me off everytime- a gentle reminder that I am still a visitor to this place.

I haven’t seen a lot of famous people since I’ve been in NY, but here are some famous things I’ve seen:

1) Fashion Week at Bryant Park
2) The big blue whale at the American Museum of Natural History
3) The Statue of Liberty (from the above-ground subway train)
4) Sidewalks blocked off for the filming of “Gossip Girl”

Our beautiful primary colored apartment.

21 09 2008

Check it out at

Brooklyn morning

5 09 2008

I’m sitting at our new blue kitchen table, taking advantage of the currently-working spotty internet.  Ali and I are settling in to Brooklyn and we’re focusing on unpacking and making our apartment our own. Today we’re working on the living room and heading up the street to Target.  The apartment is amazing, with so much space we’re contemplating more furniture.  It’s even more awesome with our new comfy bed and wall-art configurations.  Soon it will feel like home.

I’m taking in all of our neighborhood around us.  Here are some things I love about Brooklyn already:

-fresh bagels up the street at 5th Ave. Bagels

-quiet tree-lined streets

-easy transportation to Manhattan, Williamsburg, Coney Island, whatever

-meeting our friends for drinks at Bar Reis

-living in the same neighborhood as Walt Whitman and Maurice Sendak