419 Butler Street

29 07 2008

We got an apartment in Park Slope!

Here is a map of our new ‘hood and some of its amenities. Click on it for a larger view:

We are inheriting the place from Bill and Lauren’s friend Alex. He sent us cell phone videos of the one-bedroom. It has very un-Brooklyn like features such as a huge kitchen, central A/C & heat, and a washer/dryer in the apartment. Sweet awesome! Thanks Alex!

The place is near a bunch of subways, a queer bar and a supermarket. We’ll be living across from an elementary school and a community garden. Sheesh.

Best of all, it’s near our NY friends. And there’s plenty of room for our west coast friends and family to come and visit.

I feel about 25% calmer now that we have a place to live. I’m working on the other 75%.


East coast geography

26 07 2008

Ali’s been teasing/quizzing me on east coast geography.  I’m studying up. To make myself feel a little better, I’m now quizzing Ryan, Cori and Ali about the capitals of all 50 states (and U.S. territories).

They’ve been really hung up on the capital of West Virginia for several minutes.

Today in NYC

22 07 2008

My friend Bill is going to see an Brooklyn Cyclones baseball game tonight at Coney Island. There’s so much cool stuff to do everyday, and most of it’s free. I checked out FreeNYC today and found an outdoor screening of Desperately Seeking Susan, a performance of Hair, and a Naughty by Nature show. How will I choose?

Hipster Yard Sale

22 07 2008

The stuff that Ali and I have accumulated over the past decade or so is finally dwindling. Thanks to our yard sale savvy, jewelry from junior high, useless kitchen gadgets, and light up heels are headed out the door. Our first “Hipster Yard Sale” was a complete success. And we’ll have another one before we go to get rid of the furniture.

The Hipster Yard Sale was brilliant because 1.) we have a lot of hipster stuff and 2.) customers were attracted to the hipster moniker. We put an ad up on craigslist to attract folks from Hillsboro who might come for the “Mississippi neighborhood experience.” We also knew that actual hipsters would probably come to check out our stuff (though they would never admit to it). And we knew we’d attract folks who understood the irony of calling our sale hipster. Our sign out front said, “come in and get cool.”

One customer said, after she bought some useless kitchen gadgets, “Excuse me. I’m not from the United States. What is a hipster?” And I said, “it’s someone who thinks they’re cool. ” If you’re not sure what a hipster is, check out “Hipster Olympics” on current.com.

Hard core yard-salers showed up early to be the first to go through our books and bikes. Two of them got into a yelling match in our yard. One was accusing the other of bad yard sale etiquette and it got really heated really fast. I didn’t mind- a little competitive yard-saleing is good for proprietors like me. As he was paying me $7 for books, he apologized for using foul language. The next day, he came knocking on our door and apologized again for causing such a spectacle “on our turf.” I think he doesn’t want us to bad mouth him to the other yard sales in the ‘hood.

At first it was difficult to see our stuff that had meant so much go for so little. But, on the other hand, I can’t wait to populate our tiny new apartment with new stuff.

hipsters match our hipster stuff. the tv’s are still up for grabs, by the way.

Weekend Warrior

13 07 2008

I just woke up from a wonderful whiskey-induced slumber.  Last night Ali and I danced the night away with our friends at Blow Pony at the Eagle.  Highlights included a go-go dancing bear in a jock strap, doing “blow job” shots with Aaron, and swapping glitter on the dance floor with Ali.  Afterwards, we washed it all down with Popeye’s chicken.  All in all, a beautiful night.

"blow job" shot

"blow job" shot