A date at IKEA

19 06 2008

Ali and I have “New York night” each week to prepare for our move. We do stuff like look at apartments and neighborhoods on craigslist and googlemaps, do budgeting and pack up or get rid of our shit. Last night’s NYN ended with us going through our whole kitchen to rid ourselves of marginal and heavier items. We had a mini throwdown about some beautiful (but heavy) stainless steel measuring cups Daniel got me for my birthday. They’re coming with!

This week’s NYN featured a trip to IKEA. No, not for shopping, silly. We’ll do our shopping at the IKEA that just opened in our new hometown. So we just went on a date to sit in the small virtual apartments they’ve decorated with IKEA furniture and accessories to take note of the things we like and what we might be able to tolerate in terms of apartment square footage. We discovered that living in 590 square feet of space may work for us, as long as we put up wall shelves and have hidden spaces to store our stuff. Other things we like are lofted beds, open kitchens, and space-aged mood lighting. There were these cool color-change lights that Ali suggested we put as ground effects on our couch.

I’m excited to scale back our stuff and keep just the cool things that we really love. I’m also excited to have a full decoration collaboration with Ali. Her primary-colored playful sensibilities and my domestic goddess tendencies will go hand in hand.